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With the release of ZOAPIIO Apps in early Q2 this year, and a solid foundation of APIs, integration and Web-IDE, ZOAPI.IO is now the choice platform for the product developers.

Business Requirements: First time entrepreneurs often mistake the business functionality as the product. There are several functional elements which are implied but often overlooked. The product needs to have wide device support, have protection against basic security vulnerabilities, provide data audit trail, have user/field level access control, administration capability and end-user level control on the UI look and feel, before it can be even considered as a serious product.

ZOAPIIO’s reliable and proven backbone means your product meet these requirements and are stable, secure, scalable and ready for prime time right out of the door.

Quick to market, feedback and evolution: The product vision will, at some time, meet the customer expectation. The success of your business depends on how quickly you can go to market, test the customer response, adapt and evolve quickly. ZOAPIIO has great support for quick prototyping, and automatically handles many, generally tedious, tasks like database changes and synchronization. Features like web-IDE and hot deployment greatly shorten your release cycle.

Mobile user: Even if the primary user of your product is not a mobile user, the entrepreneur cannot overlook the fact that the mobile device has most of the user attention. To keep user engaged and informed, a simplified product UI for the mobile device is nearly a given. Thankfully, the mobile and web UI/UX are now converging and technology like PWA are set to define the future of mobile apps. ZOAPIIO has full support for PWA and makes making multi-device mobile applications a breeze. I have posted about the ZOAPIIO Apps recently.

If the primary user of the product is a mobile user, an accompanying web application is always assumed. There is, of course, the backend administration application and there may be a user web-app for enhanced user experience.

Analytics and dashboards: ZOAPIIO’s dashboard development is powerful and it has a rich user-experience. End-users can assemble their own dashboards from data widgets and can even share them with other users.

Author: Manoj Agarwal, Chief Architect – ZOAPIIO.

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