ZOAPIIO platform and the ZOAPIIO Apps suite together have a very wide applicability, and that includes Business/Knowledge Process Management and Automation. ZOAPIIO’s team is working with ABP News and Yatra Online on automating wide range of processes and customers are seeing the power and flexibility it brings to the table.

ZOAPIIO Apps incorporates several key technologies that are important for BPM.

  • Workflow control.
  • OCR capability.
  • Web-scraping interface.
  • Automatic document indexing/tagging.
  • Version control.
  • Role based and record/field level access control.

Combined with the power of ZOAPIIO integration and powerful Dashboards, makes it a complete and compelling BPM solution. It is configurable, and easy to maintain.

A common concern with KPO/BPO projects is localization of data and usually a SaaS solution is not able to meet this requirement. Although, ZOAPIIO is a SaaS solution, it has an on-premise option. This dual-offering has many advantages.

Selecting the right BPM platform can be challenging because conducting a pilot can be a long drawn process. It may require physically installing and hosting the process and not all vendors may support this approach. ZOAPIIO’s dual approach solves that problem. It allows you to quickly build and experiment with the process automation before committing.

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