ZOAPIIO pushes the envelope – again!

ZOAPIIO applications can soon be downloaded as Java projects. Our “Build and Host” service will have a “Build and take home” option.

Recognizing the requirements of Small and Medium Enterprises, who want to leverage the development prowess of ZOAPIIO but are not not ready for ZOAPIIO On-premise and at the same time apprehensive of a locked-in application rental, we are announcing this new upgrade to be launched in early 2021. Watch this space!

We are hoping to pack much of commonly used functionality in the generated projects – such as HTTP and GraphQL APIs, OAuth 2.0, JPA based ORM, and Jackson Java library for data marshalling. The project can be opened and edited using any standard IDE supporting Maven. The command line Maven build will also be supported.

The ZOAPIIO designer already supports several utilities to create the business APIs automatically. Combined with this new feature, we are looking at offering a super value to SMEs and individual programmers. We expect a entry level use-case to be something like this.

  1. Create your database design and import it into ZOAPIIO designer.
  2. Use powerful ZOAPIIO tools to automatically create REST and/or GraphQL APIs for data access.
  3. Configure OAuth access.
  4. Add business functionality on top.
  5. Download your Java project.

You can get started with a fully functional Java application with GraphQL and REST access in half a day. Imagine building a Java GraphQL server without having any training or experience on Java GraphQL. 

The new feature will be applicable to server side Java application only and will support only certain functionality from ZOAPIO application container. It will not replace the ZOAPIIO On-premise which encapsulates the full ZOAPIIO gamut of application space. 

Author: Manoj Agarwal, Chief Architect – ZOAPIIO.

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