Automation for every TV channel in India

In our efforts to continually bring new cost-effective solutions to our users, Zoapi is launching the BMS (Broadcast Management) Edition of Vibe. You will shortly see the details on the website.

Rightangle Technologies have a long history of association with broadcasters in India and we have in-depth understanding of processes used in running channel operations and challenges faced by the users. While the challenge of getting most out of people and processes is not unique to broadcasters, it is somewhat accentuated for them because of general lag in process structuring.

Furthermore, there are some very specific processes – like Traffic management and Scheduling – for which automation is not easily available at least at “India costs”. Typical products in this segment are beyond the reach of smaller channels and the complexity of customization further creates a fear in their minds.

Zoapi Vibe for BMS comes with zero-cost customization to its customers. “Ease of Customization” has been the top design consideration in the construction of Zoapi Vibe. Classical applications have inherent challenges in creating customer specific customization because of multiple code bases and associated upgrade problems. The customer has to bear the brunt of the cost, upgrade complexities and long-winded deployments.

Zoapi deals with these challenges through several innovations. First is instance isolation. Each customer gets a private application and database instance. This helps in security and makes sure each customer gets a totally customized view. The second is the template based process abstraction – each process is driven by a configuration file and the code base serving it is common. This means that the screen layouts, contents, workflow, and MIS widgets can be customized without a code change. Even adding new processes and application pages are managed at configuration level.

The unique technology approach makes sure that application upgrades are automatically available to all customers – even the ones running customized instances.

At less than the cost of an employee, Zoapi Vibe for BMS is attractively priced keeping the Indian cost conscious buyer. We are hoping that this will help take automation to every TV/Radio channel.

Author: Manoj Agarwal, Chief Architect – ZOAPI.

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